Connectivity Project Update


We’re looking for community members to help formulate the “Sidewalk & Pathways” initiative and, if willing, lead the effort. We’re off to a strong start with lots of community support, but the BHCD Board would prefer to have non-BHCD leadership of this project. (Though many of the BHCD Board members are certainly willing to continue to help move it forward.)


The next step in moving the project forward is to develop a professional design for the overall plan—identifying the priorities for new or repaired sidewalks, assessing how best to make Blue Hill more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly.

The Sidewalk team has obtained an estimate from engineering firm CES (together with Coplan Associates) for the envisioned scope of work required to apply for a MaineDOT-administered “Bicycle and Pedestrian Program” grant.

For this “pre-engineering design” work and other costs, we think we’ll need to raise roughly $20,000. So we’re reaching out to local merchants—especially those whose businesses might benefit from better connectivity—and others to raise the funds.

Cruise Line Forum to be Scheduled

After some discussion, BHCD has decided to host a community forum at which a representative of American Cruise Lines (ACL) would (hopefully) share the company’s plans for visiting Blue Hill over the summer—how they plan to get visitors from the South Blue Hill wharf to downtown shops, what other “shore activities” they envision offering, how they plan to work with local merchants, service providers, etc.

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Potential Cruise Line Visit to Blue Hill

At its February 11 meeting, Denny Robertson reported on American Cruise Lines’ plan to add Blue Hill to the itinerary for one of its cruise ships (175 passenger) over the course of summer 2017. The BHCD Board discussed what role, if any, BHCD might play to facilitate community input into American Cruise Lines’ plans—recognizing that some members of the community will be in favor of the visits while others will be opposed.

If you have a view on how Blue Hill (or BHCD) should respond, please contact us.

Formation of BHCD

Action Taken

Blue Hill Community Development was launched via the action of several “incorporators” and elected its inaugural Board of Directors. The organization is still awaiting approval from the Maine Secretary of State and, once approved, will apply to the IRS for federal tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) organization.

Grant Applications

While many of BHCD’s initial organizational costs and activities have been contributed on a pro bono basis, other costs (such as insurance) will require funding. BHCD discussed applying for several potential grants that fund “seed capital” and “capacity building” for suitable local organizations.

Johanna Barrett has offered to help guide BHCD through the process of applying for several grants—anyone willing to help out is encouraged to get in contact with her or BHCD at

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