BHCD’s projects are funded via a combination of project-specific donations and, where available, public and private grants. Start reading about the projects and their needs below, or head straight to “How to Donate” if you’re ready to go!

The Projects

We’re currently soliciting support for three initiatives:

Sidewalk & Pathway Initiative—Pre-application engineering

The Sidewalks & Pathways Initiative (SPI) team estimates that it will require $20,000 to prepare an application to the Maine DOT “Bicycle and Pedestrian Program” grant. Most of this cost is for an engineering and cost study to help the team evaluate sidewalk construction/repair priorities and to assess how much of the aspirational sidewalk coverage can be met with the $500,000 MDOT grant funds.

The SPI team is soliciting local contributions to fund the $20,000 requirement.

Timing: These funds are required now in order to complete the study in time for MDOT’s August 2017 application deadline.

Sidewalks & Pathways Initiative—Local Contribution

The MDOT Bicycle & Pedestrian Program provides for projects up to $500,000 to be funded via a combination of MDOT grant funds (80% up to $400,000) and “local contribution.” None of the money spent to prepare the application (see above) are considered “local contribution” matching funds. The Town of Blue Hill has approved a $100,000 warrant article backstopping the “local contribution” with the understanding that the SPI project will seek to substantially reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the Town’s need to fund this backstop.

Therefore, the SPI team is soliciting donations to help meet the $100,000 local contribution threshold in the event the Town is successful in obtaining the MDOT grant.

Timing: While the commitments are requested now, any donations will not need to be funded until construction begins three years from now.

BHCD Startup & Maintenance Costs

Although BHCD is very focused on managing its startup costs and maximizing the volunteer and pro bono contributions of community members, there are, nonetheless, some other costs (such as insurance) that require funds at the BHCD level. BHCD estimates that it will require $2,000 in total to complete its organization and start-up, and approximately $1,000 per year thereafter.

The BHCD board is soliciting funds to defray these startup costs and, hopefully, continue to build the organization’s capabilities to manage a much broader array of local projects.

How to Donate

To donate to one or more of these projects, please send us a check specifying the project(s) that you want your donation to be directed toward (i.e., “Sidewalks” or “BHCD Startup”).

Mail the check to:

Blue Hill Community Development
PO Box 438
Blue Hill, ME 04614

[We’ll send an acknowledgement of your donation when it is received and processed.]

Stay tuned! For those who are comfortable transacting over the Internet, we hope to offer “online” donations in the near future.



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