BHCD Administration


In order to provide the services and infrastructure that it does, Blue Hill Community Development’s board (and others) volunteer time and other resources to keeping the organization going—meeting to consider new and review existing projects, manage the organization’s (and sponsored projects’) financial affairs, update the web site, maintain our legal and tax status, etc.

Support Blue Hill Community Development

BHCD is designed to manage its costs and maximizing the volunteer and pro bono contributions of community members. We rely on private donations, together with a very small project fee, to fund our out-of-pocket administrative costs.

Help BHCD support its projects with minimal administrative costs! You can donate via the PayPal button (below) or send a check to BHCD noting BHCD in the memo area.

Main Street Email Lists

BHCD supports the Blue Hill Main Street organizational effort by providing access to our MailChimp email infrastructure. The idea is to facilitate communication amongst the four standing Main Street committees and the ~100 local residents who have provided emails and asked to be kept up-to-date with the Main Street efforts.

Anyone can add (or adjust) their email list preferences by clicking the button below:

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