We try to keep the BHCD process simple, but we also need to make sure everyone involved understands their role and expectations.

Application Materials

So, together with help from a BHCD liaison (see “Ideas”), we ask each project application to provide a description of the project, together with a budget, expected benefits to the Blue Hill community and the key people who will be involved.

These are some of the key attributes the Board will want to understand before approving a project. There may be others, depending on the specific project or idea.

Ultimately, though, the development of this detailed proposal is not intended to be an impediment to moving a project forward. BHCD, through its designated representative, will work with you to develop a sensible, “holistic” proposal for pursuing the project.

Fiscal Sponsor Agreement

Once BHCD has determined that it can sponsor a project, BHCD and the Project Team enter into a Fiscal Sponsor Agreement, which incorporates the application and team descriptions, together with a description of any “special” terms for the sponsorship and a form for requesting disbursements of funds. We have also prepared a Financial Procedures Memo laying out what you need to do to collect and disburse funds in support of your project.

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