New Project Ideas

Although the immediate catalyst for BHCD’s formation was to facilitate the Blue Hill Connectivity Project, the organization’s objective and purpose is to empower a much wider range of Blue Hill community initiatives that are consistent with the BHCD mission.

Have an Idea?

Have an idea for improving the community’s … ?

Prepared to take the lead in organizing and pursuing your initiative?

Want to avoid the time and costs associated with establishing a formal legal entity to, for example, accept tax-deductible contributions or apply for government or private grants?

These are exactly the circumstances the BHCD was created to address!

If the BHCD Board of Directors agrees that your project meets our criteria and mission, and is consistent with our “charity” tax status, we can provide the organizational infrastructure to help make your idea happen.

To Start the Dialogue

Send an email to describing your idea. We’ll follow up, as appropriate, to better understand what might be required to bring the idea to fruition and to determine how we can help.

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