Enhancing Habitat at Emerson Park

The Park

Horton Emerson Park is a “pocket park” less than 1/8 acre in size, located on the waterfront near the Blue Hill fire station and Blue Hill Memorial Hospital. It was created 12 years ago to provide green space at the town’s center. The park is a favorite destination for pedestrians, tourists and families in Blue Hill, and has increasingly been used for community events. It is also the site for the impressive sculpture “Window of the Sea Wind” by Japanese artist Nitoshi Tanaka.

The Project Proposal

This treasured public space is to be enhanced both ecologically and aesthetically by the addition of native wildflowers, grasses and fruiting shrubs to the landscape. As a result of improvements made last summer with the consultation of Val Libby, Blue Hill resident and retired Assoc. Professor of Landscape Architecture & Horticulture at Temple University, there is now additional space for such new plantings.

The selection of plants will be made to provide food and habitat for bees and birds, thus also increasing the educational value of the park for school children, visitors and residents. In addition, the park’s seasonal interest in spring and fall will be increased through the use of flowering bulbs.

Grant/Use of Funds

At Val’s suggestion and initiative, BHCD applied for (and has received) a grant of $450 from the Brooklin Garden Club to pursue the project. Funds from the grant will be used to purchase plant materials, including seasonal bulbs, native perennials and native shrubs.

Community Contribution

All work will be carried out by volunteers and coordinated by Val.

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